Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs)

  • STC minor variation approvals (CASR 21.120B)
  • STC development
  • CASA liaison
  • certification plans
  • conformity inspections

Special Mission Modifications

  • aerial survey and scientific research
  • aeromedical and air-ambulance
  • firefighting and water bombing
  • police and law-enforcement
  • search and rescue (SAR), and maritime patrol
  • defence (ADF DASA CVE) and DSTG
  • cabin reconfigurations and running loads
  • major structural and mechanical modifications

Other Specialist Services

  • fatigue and damage tolerance assessments (F&DT)
  • flammability testing and burn certificates
  • load testing and flight testing
  • research and development (design studies)
  • design review and assessment
  • engineering project management

CASA Part 21 Design Approvals

  • modification/repair design approvals (CASR 21.M)
  • engineering orders (EO), flight manual supplements (FMS), instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA) and maintenance manual supplements (MMS)


  • camera holes, hatches, and doors
  • baggage pods and radomes
  • EO/IR (FLIR) cameras, radars, and antennas
  • equipment racks and operator consoles
  • life extension programs
  • cargo nets, straps, and bags
  • seats, belts, and harnesses
  • storage cabinets and galleys
  • patient stretchers and loaders
  • and much more!

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)

  • AFGROW crack growth and fracture mechanics
  • Strand 7 finite element analysis (FEA)
  • SolidWorks 3D modelling and design
  • AutoCAD 2D drafting

Weight And Balance Approvals​

  • weight and balance approvals (CAO 100.7)
  • aircraft reweighs
  • weight and balance summaries, load data sheets, weight and balance records
  • electronic loading systems
  • loading manuals

New Technology Interests

3D Printing - On Demand Component Manufacture
  • metal and polymer components
  • primary and secondary structures
  • tertiary components
Electric Aircraft Conversions
  • electric motor replacement of internal combustion engines
  • battery and fuel cell replacement of petroleum fuel tanks
Advanced Communications
  • 5G mobile infrastructure
  • satellite broadband constellations
Air Taxi Certification (Piloted)
  • over high-density built-up areas
  • within close proximity to buildings and structures
  • noise abatement
UAV/RPV Certification and Operation (Drones).
  • airspace sharing protocols
  • affordable ADSB and sense and avoid systems
  • 5G aerial repeaters (high altitude, long endurance)
  • commuter transportation (low altitude, short endurance)
Advanced Safety Systems
  • vehicle parachutes
  • occupant airbags
  • occupant escape systems
  • automated vehicle recovery systems
  • capture of low earth orbit satellite constellations
  • commercialisation of rocket and launch industry