Horizontal Tailplane Life Extension on Cessna 441

Friday, October 8, 2021

Aeromechanica performed a life extension on Cessna 441 tailplane to give another 18,000 flight hours/cycles to our client.

Aeromechanica negotiated all aspects with CASA, and performed the complex work of predicting crack initiation, growth and failure modes, otherwise known as a Fatigue and Damage Tolerance analysis. The complex analysis was to the satisfaction of CASA who agreed with the work of our Part 21 Aeronautical engineers, with CASA ultimately signing off the approval as a terminating action to CASA Airworthiness Directive number AD/CESSNA 400/119. Thus providing our client with another 18,000 hours/cycles of life on their Cessna 441 tailplane.

Without this life extension there was a real risk that the aircraft had come to the end of its life. Instead, our client is able to continue operating this aircraft well into the future.