Aeromechanica Attains CASA Instrument of Appointment

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Aeromechanica attained CASA recognition today with the receipt of our CASA Instrument of Appointment (IoA) allowing us to approve minor variations to STCs (CASR 21.120B) and modification/repair design approvals (CASR 21.M).

Aeromechanica's CASA IoA permits the following approvals:

  • minor variations to Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) under CASR 21.120B,
  • modification/repair design approvals under CASR 21.M (Engineering Orders, Instructions for Continued Airworthiness / Maintenance Manuals, etc.),
  • Flight Manual Supplement approvals under CASR 21.006A, and
  • technical data approvals under CASR 21.009.

Aeromechanica's specialities include:

  • structures,
  • mechanical systems and equipment,
  • avionics systems and equipment (electrical, instrument, radio), and
  • flight analyst.

The scope of approvals includes:

  • small aircraft/aeroplanes (Part 23),
  • transport category aircraft/aeroplanes (Part 25),
  • small rotorcraft/helicopters (Part 27), and
  • transport category rotorcraft/helicopters (Part 29).